Complex City

Complex City

Paris, FR


Poly Morphisme

Name of the project: Poly Morphisme
Designer:  Olivier Brouillard firm: COMPLEX CITY
Description of the design (including explanation of concept):

Poly Morphisme :

Multipurpose Spectacle Hall
This project was conceived to adapt in an organic way to the surrounding environment.  It was designed to harmonize with the existing vegetation, the commercial axe and finally with the local school building.  The lightness of the building’s skin allows it to breathe the day and to exhale by night.  During the day, the light comes in thanks to its porosity and by night it gives back the light produced by the events that take place within.   Thanks to its design the hall is a main attraction, and gives a major importance to its complex.  We can say that the Hall is the lung of the city as cultural activities take place and gather together the citizens.

Occasion (for example 'competition entry'): competition
Expected completion: 2010
Where will it be located: Prégny-Chambésy, Switzerland
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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Prégny-Chambésy, Switzerland