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Studio Fuksas

Rome, IT


Lyon Islands, Lyon, France

The Confluence, well before the great and important planned infrastructures, represents a place of strong character, a beautiful natural setting, with the green hill of Sainte-Foy, the two rivers and the proximity of the historic center of Lyon, full of history.

The project starts with a study around the possibility of building a housing complex around a large void – the park – that opens into another void – the dock.

The two voids, the park and the dock, constitute the skeleton of the project.

To locate the volumes, priority has been given to the longitudinal direction of the park and the dock.

The idea that brought to build another void between the buildings is the heart of the area.

The central part was left open on the west side, looking to the hill.  

The voids between the buildings are never in line and offer different views towards the park and the docks.

The construction of the volumes is entirely based on the interstices where the light of the voids delimits the solids.

On the volumes of the buildings, in a continuous play of light, a series of rotations and distortions, give life to blocks of matter that become habitable sculptures.

The buildings on the dock were associated to the realistic and poetic image of the cranes/containers, as a reminder of a fully operational river port.

A piece of city that is reflected in the water with all its colors, with all its different materials, creating a multitude of vibrations.

The building that closes the park to the Rue Denuzière opens its volumes like a kind of drawers, opened to the warm sun of the West and toward the green hill of Sainte-Foy.

Everything participates to the will of city in movement, always in progress ; everything seems like playing with the light that hides, highlights, modifies the different architectures.

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Status: Built
Location: Lyons, FR