Allen Saunders, Inc.

Allen Saunders, Inc.

Miami, FL


HABITAT 2020 By Allen Saunders Design

Miami-based interior architectural design studio Allen Saunders Design was one of 23 handpicked international designers and industry leaders to participate in ARCA Wynwood’s environmental design challenge “Balance as it Relates to the Environment.” ARCA Wynwood sent participants a kit of 38 recycled marble bricks with the instructions of incorporating all of the pieces to create a work of art that communicates an environmental message.

Allen Saunders Design sculpted a structure paying homage to the past while providing a nod to modern engineering technology. Influenced by Moshe Safdie’s Habitat 67 housing complex, the brutalist styled sculpture expands upon the expression of the delicate balance between individuality and connectivity. The arrangement of slender upright apertures generates individualistic external views. Ascending horizontal planes establish a hierarchy giving rise to the compilation reaching skyward representing new growth. Rustic stone slabs shaping a modernist mountain honors the conjunctive relationship, offering balance to an environment in which man and nature must coexist.

ARCA Wynwood, leading global group in the stone, tile and wood industry, has all design entries currently on display as an exhibition at their new Design Warehouse in Miami’s Wynwood district, which is available for private tours.

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Status: Built
Location: Wynwood, FL, US
Firm Role: Designer