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545 Architect

State College, PA


Columbarium Chapel

The Columbarium Chapel and Memorial Garden is an internment place for burial cremains. Today more and more people choose cremation as an alternative to cemetery plot burial. Cremation is less expensive, requires less land, and is attractive to a mobile society. Yet many who seek cremation burial still prefer an internment place that is cared for by a community that will live on well into the future.

The project is designed as a pay-as-you-go series of phases. When the first phase is filled, the entire open-air garden chapel floor will be a surface of bronze niches and the chapel will seat approximately 50 people for funerals or other special services. Low rock walls for seating around the garden chapel are foundation walls for another future phase including a translucent and softly illuminated polycarbonate wall of burial niches. Another phase of the garden chapel is to construct a baptismal font and "water wall" for engraved names in memorial.

The Columbarium is for the entire community. A cabinet in the polycarbonate wall is accessible from the public garden and offers a place for members of the community to set memorabilia (flowers, candles, remembrances), and throughout the garden are places for sculpture or artwork to designate expressions of loss or grief (war, events).

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: State College, PA, US