Kharkiv, Ukraine


Platinum Plaza office building

The building is located next to the main square of the city, where the dialogue between modernism (constructivism) and traditional architecture is most evident. Originally the plot housed a small two-storeyed building, belonging to our client, with an atrium inside which functions as a public exhibition hall. As the client is known for his cultural and social initiatives, our main goal was to achieve a synergetic effect between business and philanthropy.

U-shape of the new building ensured circulation between the old and the new offices. Moreover, it created a new type of urban space and a venue for open-air exhibitions. An inwardly-turned glazed shopping gallery connects the courtyard with the main street. Underground parking is accessed from the neighbouring street by means of tunnels.

A vast open space in front of the building suggested an idea to use the street-facing façade as a stage. Two lower terraces and the frame can be easily transformed into a concert venue. Besides, the use of counter-relief ensures adequate illumination and seams up the whole quarter.

In future, open spaces are supposed to flow into the neighbouring street.

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Status: Built
Location: Sumskaya str., Kharkov, UA