Kharkiv, Ukraine


Coversation Art Museum

location: podol, kiev
function: museum of contemporary art
size: 10,000 m2
architects: drozdov&partners (oleg drozdov, yekaterina yerchenko, sergey kostyanoy)


a new museum on the territory of one of the oldest factories in kiev is expected to trigger the development of the entire podol district. the place can be easily linked up with pedestrian routes and transport infrastructure, and can be connected to the city centre by means of green corridors on the side of the hills. we appreciate the archaeological features of the existing buildings and believe it is important to preserve all these cultural layers. our strategy is based on the dialogue and interpenetration of the old and the new, traditions and modernity.
the object is intended to become something more than a mere collection of works of art. it is also a public space. to this end, some premises as well as the entire territory cleared after the dismantling of the later buildings are transformed into public courtyards and are also used to ensure connections with the roof garden.
the object has an extensive programme of public spaces: “rock beach”, inner courtyards (water garden, orchard, hill garden, and roof garden).
all the premises of the museum are assembled into one single whole following the barbecue principle. the exposition halls are alternated with miscellaneous recreational spaces, both open and closed, encouraging the visitor to make pauses.
since the depth of the rooms is not very big, natural lighting and ventilation are ensured with the help of roof parapets

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: kiev, ukraine
My Role: architects