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Te Pakeke House

Te Pakeke is located in the northern township of Wanaka surrounded by the lake and mountains, designed primarily as a winter retreat for the client.

The house is set within a courtyard perimeter wall, providing layers of space for occupants as an extension of the house whilst also providing shelter from cold prevailing winds.

Solid concrete walls and glazed openings are strategically placed to control the views enjoyed from the house, while perforated shutters provide layers of filter and shading or alternatively can be folded to open up the house.

A warm rich palette including concrete, timber and steel has been used to create sense of solidity while providing warmth and timelessness to reference mountain cabin interpreted in modern way.

Thermal mass increased through heavily insulated construction. Natural ventilation and daylighting to all spaces with exterior shading screen to control solar heat gain.

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Status: Built
Location: Wanaka New Zealand
Firm Role: Design Architect