Kevin Kennon Architect, PC

Kevin Kennon Architect, PC

New York, NY


Tian Fang Tower- Eco-City

Kevin Kennon, international architect, is has designed a new landmark building for Eco-City, Tianjin, China, a joint development between China and Singapore. This 120,000 square meter 45 floor office tower and luxury shopping center, developed by Tianjin Real Estate Development & Management Group, LTD, utilizes the most advanced sustainable and Biophilic design strategies and technologies to reconnect people with nature. Tian Fang Tower is inspired by the form and growth of bamboo forests. Tian Fang generates 20% of its clean energy on site—through a combination of hydrogen fuel cells, solar panels, and wind turbines while simultaneously conserving 20% of the energy used by a similar fully occupied mixed-use tower. Once completed in early 2013, Tian Fang will be one of the most advanced sustainable commercial buildings in China.

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Status: Under Construction
Location: Tianjin Shi, CN