Dan Brunn Architecture

Dan Brunn Architecture

Los Angeles, CA


Fold Up House

For the client’s of this suburban home, the feeling of openness and of continuum was of their utmost importance. As a means to negate the claustrophobic spaces of their primary residence, the design called for a language to express the free flowing nature of the design.

The home is constructed out of folded concrete planes, which in harmony create the illusion of vast open space while still having an intimate relationship to the exterior gardens. This is achieved through descriptive folding and specific openings into the gardens.

Following organic shapes, such as a budding flower, the spaces grow from one another, with open windows on each end of the tube-like extrusions. Within each of the petals the materials are all homogenous, white epoxy flooring and white concrete walls and ceilings. A blurring between what is a wall or what is a floor occurs throughout the home. In the living room, the floor bends upwards to form the lounge area, with its built in cushions for relaxing, then the floor continues to flex upwards to form the walls and the ceiling that create the space. Similarly, this folding occurs in the entry way and the kitchen.

Organizationally, the house is separated into two levels, with the master bedroom at the second floor, overlooking onto the pool area. A folded plane tube stairwell leads one into the master bedroom. Above the stairwell, is the light well, formed by the folding of the stairwell tunnel.

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Status: Built
Location: Walnut Creek, CA, US
Firm Role: Architect / Interior Design