BHDP Architecture

BHDP Architecture


580 Building: Lobby Renovation


Building Analysis
Business Analysis
Feasibility Studies
Interior Design


Renovate the existing lobby space to create one that is a true amenity to the building tenants, while at the same time, enhance the curb appeal of the street level retail space.



Taking an inside out perspective, the entire lobby was refreshed with new finishes and better lighting to brighten the space, as well as a dramatic waterfall feature and comfortable seating areas to draw in people. The exterior façade was completely renovated bringing new life to the street front retail space.



Class A level lobby space that is modern and inviting for tenants and their customers, and a beautiful new façade that highlights the retail space, visually attracting customers.


People :

Matt Ploucha- Senior Project Architect

Tony Ponting- Project Manager

Cindia Wren- Project Manager


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Status: Built
Location: Cincinnati, OH, US