Amsterdam, NL



The building at Surinameweg 4 in Haarlem was completed in 1981 and designed by Arnold Numan Oyevaar. It is a striking building, made up of octagonal parts with a diagonal grid of 45 degrees. It is also characterised as closed and heavy.

The overal goals of the project was to bring in openness and light, add a new extension and strengthening the relationship with the surrounding park—combining the old and new in a balanced spatial program and with refined use of sustainable materials.

On the ground floor, a multifunctional seating area forms around the diagonal main axis that logically connects the entrance area, the grand café, the patio and the conference center.

The extension is designed to be circular, demountable, and remountable. To add character and create a clear distinction between the existing building and the extension, the floors, walls, and structure of the extension are all made of wood.

On the office floors the colours are in sync with the amount of daylight coming in. Higher floors are furnished in darker tones, while lighter tones are selected for the lower floors. 

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Status: Built
Location: Haarlem, NL
Firm Role: Interior design
Additional Credits: MVSA architects, Beyond Space, Bam, Copijn