Milan, IT


The Longevity Spa - MILAN - Portrait Hotel

Located in Milan's fashion district, the iconic Portrait Hotel, a prestigious 5-star property of the Lungarno Group, hosts The Longevity SPA in an exceptional architectural and monumental context. B+Architects studio, enhances the image of The Longevity Suite in the luxury sector, fully respecting the historic building, with an in-depth search for materials and completely customized finishes. Access to the SPA, occupying 700 square meters in the oldest part of the building, is from the charming "Piazza del Quadrilatero," a serene oasis framed by a sixteenth century portico.

The main objective, besides harmoniously integrating into the context, was to find a new design language, made of geometries, proportions, and materials, to represent the brand image, characterized by recognizable curvilinear forms and a minimal mood. Every detail was carefully crafted by the architects in synergy with the Longevity team, giving life to an innovative SPA where high-tech merges with a holistic vision, in a space that rejuvenates the body and mind.

The SPA reception welcomes guests in a cozy and relaxing environment, bright but not intrusive, where tones of white prevail in precious materials. The walls are characterized by coverings in large slabs of Rhino White marble, candid and sparkling, with a particular ribbed processing and tone-on-tone veining. The floor, in white seminato, was crafted on-site by a historic milanese company and consists of precious Lasa marble pebbles, emphasized by the glossy finish. The curvilinear ceiling connects the reception spaces; large surfaces in gray mirror amplify and proportion the volumes. A high-resolution monitor, recessed into the marble cladding, presents The Longevity Spa lifestyle, evoking the essence of the offered treatments. Background music and a gently enveloping exclusive scent complete the multisensory experience. The iconic Cassina leather chairs are paired with custom cushions and poufs designed by B+Architects and decorated with The Longevity SPA logo. The reception desk, designed in every detail, features precious finishes and total integration of technological parts. It has a seating area where guests can comfortably sit for personalized consultations and information on the various services offered.

From the reception, guests access the other areas of the SPA through a path characterized by dark floors and ceilings, soberly enhanced by white walls finished with hand-applied spatula lime by specialized artisans. Special niches, with particular luminous surfaces, display the most exclusive products. The atmosphere is enveloping and relaxed. The "total black" floor, made from a composite of marble fragments created through a highly eco-sustainable production cycle, demonstrates Longevity's great attention to environmental conservation themes.

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Status: Built
Location: Milan, IT
Firm Role: Design Team
Additional Credits: Design team: Bruna Galbusera, Sabrina Cioffari, Laura Di Marzio
Executive coordination: Roberto Creati (Rebrand group)
Furniture realization: Sala Luigi di Pietro