DIKA Architectural Design Center

DIKA Architectural Design Center

Guangzhou, CN


Dalezhiye Kindergarten, Leshan, China by DIKA Architectural Design Center

"Dalezhiye Kindergarten: Making Kindergarten the Most Desirable Place!"

"A map of the world without utopia is not worth a second glance, for it omits a land where humanity abides forever. When humanity descends on it, it looks into the distance and sets sail for a better land. Progress is the realization of utopia." --Oscar Wilde (1891), 'The Soul of Man under Socialism', in Selected Essays and Poems (Penguin. London, 1954) p. 34.

The story can't begin without the word "stunning".

From the smoke and dust of history to today's free soul, back to the beginning, Dale's Wild Kindergarten is also the starting point for delving into the depths of people's hearts. Four years ago, Wang Junbao and his team ventured into Leshan. The moment they laid eyes on the site, they fell in love; everything felt just right. Their return sparked curiosity among onlookers. This personal journey soon attracted more individuals and whimsical ideas to Dale's Wild Kindergarten.

From sunrise to sunset, from the confluence of the three rivers in spring, summer, autumn, and winter to the enduring Lingyun Maitreya Buddha, which has weathered thousands of years of wind and rain, the diverse landscapes and dialogues with the valley have deepened the reverence of the DIKA Architecture and Design Center for this land.

"Everyone has their own ideals and utopias, but too much real-life strife shatters those dreams."

Whether it's a "pioneer in kindergarten design" that has experienced rapid growth and maturity or a "new entrant" still in the exploratory stage, this team is a "family" that has weathered challenges together. In the face of a tense social environment and constant world iterations, people find themselves confined by invisible rules and regulations, limiting their thoughts and feedback.

The world needs individuals committed to resisting societal norms, igniting dormant awakenings. However, the path is never easy.

Drawn by intrigued gazes, the DIKA Architectural Design Center began an inward exploration.

This remarkable building, located in Leshan, Sichuan Province, spans 9,000 square meters. Inspired by the "Classic of Mountains and Seas," its name, Dalezhiye, translates to "a place of forgotten beauty."

The structure resembles a growing and spreading life form, embodying the essence of its name. Laden with longing for a better life, the DIKA Architecture Design Center pledges its idealistic vision to Leshan—a city forged by time.

"Imagination is the key to solving problems."

Amidst confusion, daydreaming offers unique solutions. To imbue the building with meaning and imagination, the center employs romanticism akin to Zhuangzi's sky. By defying conventional forms, they expand cognitive boundaries, striving to manifest all ideals into reality.

Wang Junbao, the center's founder, expressed, "When children see the building, its philosophy isn't merely inscribed on walls or imparted by teachers. Educational concepts, intertwined with local culture, are embedded in every corner. We hope every child finds their beautiful place here, experiencing the allure of Leshan."

In a perpetual pursuit of shedding unnecessary baggage, the DIKA Architectural Design Center ventures into uncharted territories. Their experimentation promises to enrich present and future experiences.

All acts of thought and exploration may be attempts to prove to the universe that Utopia truly exists among the stars.

From 2021 to 2023, the DIKA Architecture and Design Center dedicated three years to maintain its determination and authenticity. Amidst challenges and collaborations across cultural domains, they revolutionized kindergarten design, prioritizing play, imagination, and creativity over traditional constraints.

Elevated amidst a thousand mountains, nestled among clouds, Dalezhiye Kindergarten epitomizes freedom and romance. Its narrative, woven with allegorical chapters of dreaming, loss, search, and perception, resonates deeply.

By seamlessly integrating with nature, each floor fosters a harmonious coexistence. Natural light floods every corner, creating a poetic ambiance. Life here feels surreal, akin to stepping into a dream.

The DIKA Architectural Design Center strives to provide children with a sanctuary where they can revel in nature's embrace. Through innovative design, they aim to nurture curiosity, imagination, and appreciation for beauty.

Wang Junbao approaches kindergarten with a childlike wonder, recognizing each building's spirit and inherent geometry. Their design philosophy eschews narrow-mindedness, fostering an environment brimming with inspiration and possibilities.

Dalezhiye Kindergarten transcends borders and time. It's a timeless masterpiece, reminiscent of Chinese landscape paintings—vibrant, weathered, and powerful. With each unveiling, the DIKA Architectural Design Center reshapes perceptions and instills a newfound desire for kindergartens.

Will this exploration conclude DIKA Architecture and Design Center's journey? What adventures await beyond Dalezhiye Kindergarten? The answers lie in the unfolding chapters of the near future.

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Status: Built
Location: Leshan, CN
Firm Role: Architecture design, Interior design
Additional Credits: Photography:
 Arch-Exist Photography. Interior photography: leon; Video Shooting: Zhang Qi (ES Imaging)

Principal architect:
 Wang Junbao

Design team:
 Tian Jiabin, Gao Xin, Lu Qingyin, Ou Jiayong, Fu Huiming, Tan Huimin, Chen Jian, Tu Xueliang, Huo Liangyue, Zhang Zhigang, Fakolade Feyisitan, Liu Zixuan, Wang Qi

 Construction plan deepening: Wang Peng, He Jie, Chen Guanyu, Shi Wenlan,Gao Cong, Tao Hexin, Li Qiang, Zhu Bin; Effect deepening: Gao Xin, Tang Shengyan; Architectural deepening design: Sichuan Creative Bosch Architectural Design Co.; Architectural deepening team: Tong Succession, Cheng Mulin, Tong Ling, Wei,Maolin, He Sheng, Wu Qiang, Zhou Bing, Li Biyun, He Xiaodong, Wang Min, Chen Jianwei; Architectural Landscape Construction: Sichuan Jiandong Construction Engineering Co.