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CRYSTAL in Jinan

Located in the development area surrounding a new high-speed railway station, this office building has a maximum height of 126 meters and comprises 29 floors. With a floor area ratio of 500% and for economic rationality, twin towers with the same conditions are adopted in the surrounding area. The plan of 54.4 square meters is the square root of 3,000 square meters, which is an important measure for area zoning.

This large square floor plan surrounds a 27-meter square atrium, with voids vertically stacked from the ground up through two layers, then five layers, six layers, five layers, six layers, and two layers again. The first two-layer atrium comprises the entrance hall and store atrium. The atriums above are communal office spaces, with elevator banks at each corner of the atrium, each accessible individually. The office spaces surrounding the atrium are designed to be exclusively occupied by a single company or shared among multiple companies.

The atrium at the center of the building might feel claustrophobic because it does not receive natural light. To achieve an open atrium, "cracks" are designed on the external walls, allowing direct light to penetrate the atrium. The voids are designed as minimal white spaces so that reflected light reaches deep inside.

The curtain walls on the north, south, east, and west facades are designed to minimize the visibility of the mullions. The building covers an area of 3,000 square meters and has a height of 126 meters. Thus, the volume of this glass mass is 380,000 cubic meters. The "cracks" on each side of the building create the effect of making this mass look like a crystal of glass. These "cracks" serve both as communal terraces connected to the atrium and as private terraces for offices facing them.

At night, it transforms into a fantastical appearance. Horizontal bands of light that reveal the stacked voids, and vertical light that shows the "cracks," gradually change to blue and purple, giving a futuristic impression reminiscent of a sci-fi world. Locals call these undulating "cracks" "like a rising dragon."

高速鉄道新駅周辺の開発区域に位置する、最高高さ126メートルの29階建てオフィスビル。容積率500%と経済合理性により、周辺エリアに同条件のツインタワーを採用。54.4 平方メートルの計画は 3,000 平方メートルの平方根であり、エリアゾーニングの重要な尺度です。  

この大きな正方形の平面は、27メートル四方のアトリウムを取り囲み、地上から2層、5層、6層、5層、6層、2層の吹き抜けが垂直に積み上げられています。最初の 2 層アトリウムは、エントランス ホールと店舗アトリウムです。その上のアトリウムは共用オフィススペースで、アトリウムの四隅にエレベーターバンクがあり、それぞれに個別にアクセスできます。アトリウムを囲むオフィススペースは、1社が独占的に占有することも、複数の企業が共有することもできるように計画されています。  





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Status: Built
Location: Jinan Shi, CN
Firm Role: Principal Architect
Additional Credits: Architectural Design : SAKO Architects 
Interior design: SAKO Architects     
Lighting design: Puri Lighting Design 
Client: Jinan Wanrong Real Estate Co.,LTD.
Photo credits: YuMing Song, Yao Zhenjia

Instagram: @keiichiro_sako
Contact e-mail: [email protected]