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Urban elevator in Bellavista

Bellavista is a neighborhood in the municipality of Les Franqueses del Valles located on a small hill. Several facilities such as a school, an institute, a cultural center and a sports area are located in the highest part of Bellavista, while the residential area is located in the lower part. The main access route to the facilities passes through the Paisos Catalans park, where we find long pedestrian ramps and many steps, without having a comfortable and adapted solution to overcome the great unevenness.

The purpose of the order is to build an elevator that allows optimal accessibility between the upper and lower parts of the Paisos Catalans park, thus bridging a height difference of 10 meters in height and more than 20 meters horizontally.

The project as a whole consists of a vertical shaft where the elevator is located, a walkway and the urbanization of the lower and upper reception spaces. The intervention fits into the environment carefully, avoiding having to cut down any existing trees.

A 30-degree turn of the elevator shaft with respect to the axis of the walkway allows for a small raised viewpoint in front of the upper door from where privileged views of the park can be enjoyed. This small gesture also adapts to the urbanization present in the lower area, placing the elevator shaft in the same direction as one of the existing retaining walls.

Both the elevator shaft and the walkway have been built with a carefully modulated laminated steel structure, made in a workshop and finished with reflective glass. The pavement of the walkway has been made with prefabricated perforated sheet metal, thus solving the evacuation of rainwater and contributing to the lightness of the construction. A high degree of prefabrication has been sought for the structural design and the rest of the construction elements, as well as the optimization of the sections to lighten their weight and cost.

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Status: Built
Location: Granollers, ES