Saint-Denis, FR


Woodshop made of re-used materials

Client, architect and entrepreneur: LAO SCOP
Photos: ©LAO SCOP
Localization: 12 rue de la Montjoie, Saint-Denis, 93 210, France
Surface: 66 m² / 710 ft²
Performances: 55% of re-used materials
Calendar: Conception and construction (exept siding): June-October 2021
Siding with re-used materials: September 2022

On the site of the former AB Production film sets in Saint-Denis (93), France, the golden age of television is over and lets place to new practices. The LAO cooperative of architecture and manufacturing is based there.
This project is a special project in our hearts: it is a place of conviviality in addition to being our workplace; and its architecture seeks to reflect this.

Self-built, the volume houses upstairs: a kitchen / dining room / meeting room for plenary sessions. On the ground floor is the heated workshop, free of dust, intended for the application of varnishes, glues and patinas as well as for screen printing.

This building was designed and built with maximizing reused materials in mind. It includes 55% of reused materials from the nearby Ile-de-France region, i.e. a total of 4.4 tonnes of materials saved from the dumpster, and therefore as much materials that did not need to be produced.

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Status: Built
Location: Saint-Denis, FR
Firm Role: Architect and contractor