Onaranlar Kulübü

Onaranlar Kulübü

Istanbul, TR


Public Space Transformation Project by Onaranlar Kulübü

Onaranlar Kulübü Implemented a Public Space Transformation in Beşiktaş District in İstanbul

Onaranlar Kulübü, in cooperation with Akkök Holding, with the support of Beşiktaş Municipality, repaired the basketball court and its surroundings on the Alman Deresi Yürüyüş Parkuru with the theme of "dialogue", and realized urban furniture designs and basketball court flooring applications. 

Within the framework of Alman Deresi Topluluk ve Hareket Alanı Project, Onaranlar Kulübü, in collaboration with Akkok Holding and with the support of Beşiktaş Municipality, has proposed an approach that focuses on people's dialogue with thoughts, dreams, nature, the city, the environment, and themselves and brought together the notion of a good dialogue for a good world at the intersection of environment, movement, inspiration and hope in the public space.

Stating that the parks, which are the largest common areas, form an important basis for the dialogue with the city, Onaranlar Kulübü restored the basketball court in Alman Deresi Yürüyüş Parkuru, which had been providing the opportunity for a walking-track and a variety of sports activities for many years, and created community area that would improve people's dialogue and social activity not only with themselves but also with their surroundings.

The basketball court floor design in the area, which has been redesigned so that park visitors can have a good time, was created by the illustration artist Uğur Acil. The play button stands in the center of the field, and the two arms pushing the button are designed to symbolize that the transformation will start with dialogue between the people and the city.

Kemal Atlıoğlu, a member of the club's design team, took part in the furniture designs in the community territory. The same design principles were used to create working, socializing, and post-sport relaxing furniture, which is referred to as an outdoor stage. As a consequence of user research, furniture and resting hammocks that match the organic shape of the tree were put in areas that were seen to be actively used.

Alman Deresi Topluluk ve Hareket Alanı was opened up on October 1, 2022, after a 2-month design and 20-day implementation period. 

One of the Onaranlar Kulübü founders, Ufuk Emin Akengin, stated, "We are really happy to bring a public sphere project to İstanbul for the second time." In particular, the devotion of the local government and a well-established holding in the project's completion motivated us throughout the process. We believe that Alman Deresi Topluluk ve Hareket Alanı project will serve as a significant inspiration for us to act collectively by developing such cooperation in Turkey." 

Onaranlar Kulübü invites everyone to be a part of the public stories we make, to engage in dialogue, and to inspire one another in order to create happier and more sustainable cities and communities! 

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Status: Built
Location: Istanbul, TR
Firm Role: Project Owner
Additional Credits: Project Tag
Project Name: Alman Deresi Topluluk ve Hareket Alanı
Date: September 2022
Collaboration: Akkök Holding (@akkokholding)
Project Support: Beşiktaş Municipality (@besiktasbelediyesi)
Project Location: Beşiktaş - Alman Deresi Yürüyüş Parkuru
Category: Public Space Intervention
Project Coordinator: Onaranlar Club (@onaranlarkulubu)
Project Manager: Ufuk Emin Akengin (@akenginufukemin), Aytekin Gezici (@aytekin.gezici)
Production and Site Manager: Cansu Gaytancıoğlu (@cagaytancigolu)
Project Assistants: Hera Akcay (@herakcay), Mervan Önen (@mervanonen)
Corporate Communications: Doğukan Güngör (@dogugungor), Mervenaz Çiçekdiken (@mervenazcicekdiken)
Furniture Designs: Kemal Atlıoğlu (@kemalatl)
Floor Graphic Design and Visual Communication: Uğur Acil (@ugur.acil)
Production of Furniture: Karakalem Design
Area Floor Painting: Bilgili Inşaat
Photos: Flashbang Productions (@flashbangprod)

Beşiktaş'ta Kamusal Alan Dönüşümü Gerçekleştirdik | Onaranlar Kulübü x Akkök Holding