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Bermuda Coffee and Eatery

Bermuda Coffee and Eatery is indeed a simple idea from the geometric shape of the triangle itself which is also adapted to the cafe's brand identity. The triangle is a symbol of stability and balance, apart from being a supporter of brand identity, indeed the triangle shape always creates a beauty in the basic shape of the building, besides that it also creates an interesting space experience with a high roof tip in the middle like a container covered with a dangling roof. to the ground surface. The idea is that we tilt this triangular building 45 degrees slightly sideways to the road, as if the triangular building seen from the road has a different composition, so that passers-by have their own reference or interpretation of the triangular building with the roof overhang on the front and top of the building as an aesthetic element to get out of the basic triangular shape. As for the material selection itself, we designed a building whose construction process will not take long, easy to dismantle, and can also be reused because the area is a leased area. The interior has an industrial concept with exposed bricks as the main walls, and ceiling plywood exposed along with the roof iron frame as a visual element at the top.

The outdoor concept is to create a straight line between the entrance of the indoor area and the entrance of the outdoor area so that when visitors come it is as if they are greeted face to face by the host (the triangle building) in a friendly manner so as to produce an atmosphere that has a special impression. Then on the left side of the outdoor area, we use leveling games starting from the lower level of the main surface, to the highest one by forming a tribune that is oriented to the center of the area, with the aim of making the main building the center of attention on the land. And on the left side of the hallway, we lower the surface level so that it seems as if the road leading to the indoor area is like a catwalk stage decorated by visitors taking selfies while stylishly in front of the main building.

Warm and romantic atmospheres are chosen as an interior reference with using solid wood as the main furniture that is exposed to many areas of glass, it becomes an attractive choice to be paired with exposed brick walls and looks warm. The romantic atmosphere gets stronger when it rains and raindrops decorate the slanted glass on both sides of the building and makes the view a bit blurry and poetic.

Main Information

Project Name: Bermuda Coffee and Eatery

Office Name: STUDIÉ

Office Website:

Social Media Accounts: Facebook : Studié / Instagram: @studie____

Contact email:

Firm Location: Jakarta, Indonesia

Completion Year: 2021

Gross Built Area (m2/ ft2): 500 m2

Project location: Tangerang Selatan, Indonesia

Lead Architects: Ivan Eldo

Lead Architects e-mail:

Architect in Charge: Ilham Sulthony

Architect in Charge email:



Photo Credits: Mario Wibowo, Andhy Prayitno

Photographer’s Website:

Photographer’s e-mail:

Second Photo Credits: Native Project

Product and Material

Facade cladding:                 Exposed Concrete

Flooring:                              Terrazzo

Doors:                                  Custom Iron

Windows:                             Custom Iron w/ Clear Glass 8mm

Roofing:                               CTI Bitumen Roof

Interior lighting:                   In-Lite

Interior furniture:                 Solid Wood

Bathroom:                           American Standard

HVAC:                                 Daikin  

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Status: Built
Location: Jakarta, ID