Hoz Fontán Arquitectos

Hoz Fontán Arquitectos

San Sebastián, ES


Arima Hotel - Hoz Fontán Arquitectos

A single building gathers a series of programmes in relation to gastronomy, health and sustainability. Radically focused to Miramon Park from the large terraces, the building is composed by a series of volumes adapted to the topography and carefully inserted in the landscape. Constructed under Passivhaus standards, the façade of the building is characterized by the contrast between the glass, the timber and the aluminium.

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Status: Built
Location: Donostia-San Sebastián, ES
Firm Role: Photographer
Additional Credits: Architects: Pablo de la Hoz, Ángel de la Hoz, Javierde la Fuente, Susana Figueroa.

Architecture Design: Hoz Fontán Arquitectos: Pablo dela Hoz, Ángel de la Hoz, Laia Raventós, Paula Puente, Ángel Álvarez.

Construction Project and Site Works Management: Hoz FontánArquitectos: Pablo de la Hoz, Ángel de la Hoz, Laia Raventós, Paula Puente,Ángel Álvarez + LKS KREAN: Javier de la Fuente, Susana Figueroa.

Passivhaus consultancy: Pedro Mariñelarena

Interior design: Tarruella Trenchs

Photography: Pempki