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Mount Waverley, AU


Humble House

Situated in the leafy outer eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Humble House is the second home R Architecture designed for Nimisha Nimkar and her husband.

With their adult children moving away from home, the pair sought a smaller dwelling to suit a new empty nest lifestyle, while still containing inviting spaces to accommodate and entertain their friends.

Having an understanding of how the clients liked to live and use space from working on their first project, we created Humble House, offering all the amenities of their previous house on a floor plan half the size. This new home is materially and formally simple, featuring internal courtyards that support a connection to cultural heritage - echoing the form of traditional Indian homes - and their love of indoor / outdoor living. 

Overlooking a distant reserve, a sloped site lends elevated views to Humble House’s leafy surrounds. Its intentionally unobtrusive form is segmented into distinct pavilions, to maximise natural daylight and cross ventilation.

Interspersed with courtyards, the home’s three interconnected volumes are experienced sequentially, via a central walkway. This light-filled, glass-bound internal corridor stretches open to the elements; like an outdoor path bringing a sense of expanse within the home.

Dramatically clad in shingles of black Spanish Slate, this is softened by natural timber cladding in Iron Ash and unobtrusively complemented by perforated aluminium screens and windows in a charcoal powder coat.

Living Space

What makes a house a home differs from family to family, and the team at R Architecture strives to design from the inside out. So, while much smaller than their first home, Humble House is similarly built on openness, entertaining and joyous communal spaces. 

Having such an expansive outlook, we emphasised a connection to their leafy suburban surrounds through generous glazing and fully operable balcony windows. And being a ceramic artist, it was important to create moments where Nimisha’s work could be enjoyed as part of the home.

Interstitial Space

Much of the thinking behind Humble House lay not only in designing enjoyable rooms, but also in curating the journey between, conscious of experience and movement throughout the home. Ceilings fitted with double glazed Belle skylights ensure natural light fills these spaces too, while custom timber joinery and decking combine with precision laid tiling to striking effect.


Shrouded in heavy fabric curtains, the main bedroom is a restful den. Materially restrained, with white painted walls and engineered timber floors, the main feature is its solid timber headboard spanning the length of the back wall, lending a robust and grounded character to the room


Here, wet areas are a study in seamless functionality and relaxed sophistication. Terrazzo tile underfoot creates a variegated base for a pared-back and contemplative space, with custom timber joinery bringing warm to tactile touchpoints. This is accented by black tapware and fixtures, providing sharp linear detail amid neutral surfaces.

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Status: Built
Location: Victoria, Australia
Additional Credits: Photographer: Dylan James