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Hey5 proposes a museum tower to link Tampere's past and future

Piippu (“chimney” in Finnish), an art beacon in the center of Tampere simultaneously creates a functional and flexible museum, with an innovative architectural identity that reinforces the memory of the Finlayson area. Hey5’s proposal for the new Sara Hildén Art Museum turns verticality into an asset, creating a strong urban presence, respecting the site’s urban structure and architecture, and pushing the visitor experience to new limits.

The overall concept is to create a gathering point between Wilhelm von Nottbeck Park and the rest of the Finlayson area. Building vertical rather than horizontal is obvious: It liberates 3/4 of the land and generates a porous boundary between the park and the new museum public spaces. Building a tower creates a stronger dialogue between the Finlayson area and the developing skyline of Tampere.

The program is organized into four levels of hierarchy. Loading premises and adjacent technical facilities in the lower level, public services in the immediate floor above, followed by the exhibition facilities and restaurant in the next 6 floors, finishing with personal and technical facilities on the top. 

The structural solution is rational and allows flexibility by adapting the spaces to the art pieces. On the outside, the facade is altered by different brick textures, turning a simple element into an expressive object. On the inside, design and materiality remain minimal and modern, reflecting the industrialization in Tampere.

Every element from the new Sara Hildén Art Museum showcases the Finlayson area in a simple and aesthetic manner. In this way, Piippu becomes a timeless piece of architecture, a compact volume fitting into the immediate surroundings. By respecting its past, the new museum looks ahead to the future of Tampere.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Tampere, FI
Firm Role: Principal
Additional Credits: Beatriz de Una Boveda
Pej Gombert
Kuba Kolec