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VVS Architect

Shanghai, CN


Jianye Lanhai Zheng Tendency Demo Plot

“There are luxuriant mulberries on the mountain and beautiful lotus flowers in the pool.”

---<Guofeng, Book of Songs>

8,000 years of time have elapsed, accumulating the rich cultural atmosphere of Zhengzhou. And the rapid development of modern technology has brought a new life to this land. The design of the ancient capital, the new city, the land of Zheng tendency, and the place of heaven and earth, is based on this.

The project is located in the future land and air transportation hub of Zhengzhou. The plate has great potential. The two horizontal and two vertical road network systems immediately reach the prosperous city; the dense urban atmosphere and the distant humanistic essence collide and merge into a unique modern oriental temperament. The design is based on this as an opportunity, combining ancient and contemporary elements such as academies and technology to find the resonance between tradition and modernization, and creating a new ecological ideal life that matches the top luxury and upstart.

The iconic symbol is the first visual point of the entrance, the green plants are twisted into a planet and suspended in the air, and the ribbon-like rattan rope surrounds it up and down. Only by looking down can one see the whole picture of the earth, which is to know the land.

The intervention of weightlessness blurs the boundaries of time and space, and the design radiates in a broader artistic conception, expressing the integration of Zheng tendency and the concept of life with imagery, and realizing the complementary blend of nature and life, history and modernity.

Design is how to capture the heavy cultural connotation, and put it into modern life to give life more sense of ritual and eternal thinking under the vicissitudes of life.

Etiquette order is a necessary element to build a sense of ritual. The library is matched with the curtain wall of the patio. The arc of the original wood color extends a rigorous sense of array, which is opposite to the green landscape on the side, creating a sense of rhythm in the space, courtesy of the distinguished guests with culture and nature, and feels the coziness of slow time in the ease of retracting, Taste the thousand-year-old ancient capital culture hidden in the modern corner.

The spiral escalator soars up to the negotiation area on the second floor. The twisted design gives the space more variables, and climbing up the stairs is like crossing the blue water into a secret world. The upstairs is calm and quiet, the downstairs is full of childishness, separated by a wall, two worlds, time passes quickly, and life grows slowly, but there is always a place for your treasure.

Ingenious treasures, bamboo pavilions float on the black stone, pay tribute to the wisdom and art of the ancestors; the exquisite reproduction conveys the spirit of ancient sages, reflects the collision of modern technology and "family culture", and stimulates the power of space through dialogue fluctuation giving space cultural heritage through design.

The curtain wall in the patio sprinkles the 360-degree scenery,  the multi-dimensional linkage between indoor and outdoor, and the space is silent; the natural tones of beige, green, and brown evaporate warmth and precipitation together with the sun.

Children can fly over the mountains, rivers, and galaxies with the wings of imagination, and dreams must be brilliant. They need overwhelming cherished care and space where their minds can "spread the wild."

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Status: Built
Location: zhengzhou, CN
Firm Role: Interior Architect
Additional Credits: Client: Henan Bailihui Industrial Limited Company
Completion Date: November, 2020
Area: 5,000sqm
Architecture Design: LACIME Architects
Architecture Photographer: CAAI, GuoMing Architectural Photography
Interior Photographer: Lu Haha