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WUUX Wang Yong: Tongrentang Health live broadcast base

On October 18th this year, the opening ceremony of the Tongrentang Health Live Broadcast Base in Daxing was held. WUUX Architecture Design Studio spent three months to create a massive 5800 square meters live broadcast industry base for Tongrentang with avant-garde design concepts. The design integrates concepts, demands, services, and technology of the large health industry, aiming to create the most cutting-edge, comprehensive, advanced, optimally integrated, and profitable live broadcast shared space.

On the opening day, Tongrentang's Chief Traditional Chinese Medicine Expert and other authoritative guests initiated the first live broadcast, and the infinite energy field of Tongrentang's metaphysical universe pharmacy made its grand debut.


5800 Square Meters/ Integrating Supernatural Powers

The "Tongrentang Health 5G Shared Innovation Live Broadcast Base" undoubtedly initiates the metaverse wave in the field of large health for Tongrentang. The design shoulders the complex task of integrating physical space, virtual space, and massive digital information, covering a five-story large space including the IP scene center, shared office space, product selection center, and live broadcast rooms. This has become the blue ocean of design for WUUX Architecture Design Studio.

Under the horn of avant-garde orientalism, the channel between physical space and the virtual world opens with overall spatial design thinking. Roaming the metaverse and augmented reality complement each other, and technology and imagination make the metaphysical universe pharmacy a reality.


Oriental Futurism/ Contemplating the Universe Infinitely

The bare scaffolding and galvanized steel plates emit a cold and stern silver light from the gray ground to the roof. The array of golden glazed tiles rises, forming a future eastern curtain together with the silver scaffolding.

Moving from the second floor to the third floor along the stairs, the grand palace walls, glazed tiles, the sunset of the imperial city, and the structure's bare and bold skeleton flash back and overlap. The imprints of history and the endless distant points in the future become two points on the folded ribbon of time. At this moment, in the same universe intersection, Tongrentang's long-standing brand culture and the bold imagination of the boundless future are vividly displayed here.

The exposed roof and a large amount of laid silver scaffolding are used throughout the space, eliminating all decorative embellishments with a rough and primitive feeling. The return to the origin of truth and simplicity contrasts with the source of Tongrentang's medicinal and dietary culture.


Comprehensive Space Utilization/ Breaking the Dimensional Wall, Every Corner is a Stage

In the live broadcast base, the massive demands are transformed into higher spatial requirements: more complex, variable, and dynamic interactive spaces; the combination of cutting-edge digital technology and virtual space; multi-channel business and traffic aggregation requirements. Therefore, on the basis of planning similar functions on the same floor, the design transforms functional scenes, including live broadcasts, from local to overall spaces, using semi-open facades, circular bars, and simple geometric forms to solve spatial layout and functional requirements.

The visual conflict and sense of the future come from the conflict and contradiction after breaking the dimensional wall. The details of traditional wooden structures are magnified a hundredfold to meet the new demands of space. The huge metal mesh surrounding the product selection area covers the live broadcast scene with a circular light strip. The contrast of volumes breaks the inertia of traditional physical world cognition, allowing for innovative imagination and concepts to flourish. Live broadcasts are no longer limited to enclosed grid spaces but expand to the entire spatial scene, enhancing human mobility and significantly increasing traffic absorption.

Products, people, and behavior will define the specific functions of the space. These open, growing spaces are not predetermined; they are like a three-dimensional and multi-dimensional parameter template, allowing each future user to adjust parameters to generate their own spatial scenes.


Empowering Large Health/ Super Traffic, Super IP, Super Value

The live broadcast base, centered on a healthy lifestyle, continues Tongrentang's innovative development strategy in recent years, exploring new paths actively. Live broadcasts are not just an upgraded media form; they are leading the efficiency upgrade and reshuffle of related industrial chains. From scenes to operations to physical spaces, everything is being reshaped.

In the future, the offline 1800 stores will use the live broadcast base as a template and database to gradually complete normalized live broadcast rooms, breaking through the bottleneck of store scenes and traffic. Simultaneously, it will realize a twofold increase in the commercial value of 1800 stores, and the base will incubate million-viewer live broadcast rooms belonging to Tongrentang. While the brand IP is firmly linked with users, the dissemination of the concept of a healthy lifestyle will be achieved with super traffic.

WUUX Architecture Design Studio, through revolutionary spatial construction and visual communication, is driving the realization of brand strategies—super traffic, super IP, super value. This design focuses on the company's growth, aims at the future large health ecosystem worth practicing, and anticipates the upcoming urban civilization.

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Status: Built
Location: Beijing, CN
Firm Role: Interior Design
Additional Credits: Creative Director | Wang Yong
Design Team | Wang Yong, Tan Wei, Teng Shujun, Yu Yue, Zhang Guiying
Project Photo / Video | Xiao Shiming
Copywriting Planning | NARJEELING
Project Planning | Le Brand Strategy Agency

WUUX Wang Yong: Tongrentang Health live broadcast base