Tokyo, JP


M STAGE Omiya Office by BROOK Inc.

M.STAGE CO., LTD. opened a branch office in Omiya and BROOK Inc. together with TRAIL HEADS,Inc. had an opportunity to design the office as well as their headquarter in Tokyo. M.STAGE aimed to create a creative branch office, which embodied the design of their Tokyo headquarter, while simultaneously having its own local style. Therefore the main workspace mirrored the design of Tokyo, but Omiya office had its own concept, new classic. The entrance wall is plasterwork to produce rough and profound feeling. It is rounded in the corner to create mildness at the same time. An old-fashioned frosted glass is used in the meeting room next to the entrance. Furniture selection was focused on old masterpieces such as Grand Prix Chair, DOMUS Chair and Cesca Chair. The light used in the open space is also the timeless pendant luminaire to create a classic atmosphere in the office. 

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Status: Built
Location: Omiya, JP
Firm Role: Designer
Additional Credits: Project Management: TRAIL HEADS,Inc.
Photographer: Tomooki Kengaku