Mass Villa

Mass villa is located in Guyom district , a gardening  areas in northwest of Shiraz, Maximum connection with the garden environment, creating different spatial qualities and compatibility with the context , were the main challenges we faces in this project.

The triangular site was about 1360 square meters. In this regard, our main volume was a glass triangular space.

Our client needed a space for holding his parties. In respond to this need, party rooms  were placed in the basement and a green pit was designed.

For the visual connection between the garden and the villa, the different zones were arranged by three boxes, two of which were suspended and one was continuous. These three boxes are the rooms of the villa(private section).

three fluid masses with a specific orientati , replaced common walls and defined the public areas of the villa.

Different height of the ceilings in different parts, suspended roots ( one on the garden pits and the others connecting the fuild boxes) and the possibility of seeing different spaces to each others, were the answers to the the challenges in this project. 

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Status: Built
Location: Shiraz, IR
Firm Role: architect
Additional Credits: Mass Villa, shiraz
Location: Gouyom district, Shiraz, Iran
Date: 2019
Area: 1350 m2
Status: Concept
- AmirHossein Ashari
Design Team:
-Zahra Jafari
-Elnaz Amini khanimani
-Sara Nazemi
3D Renders:
- Anahita Kazempour
-Mustafa Yektarzade
-Shiva Nazarboland
-Yasaman Sirjani

Mass Villa-AshariArchitects