Anders Berensson Architects

Anders Berensson Architects

Stockholm, SE


Camp Fenix

Anders Berensson Architects has design a transforming interior space in Stockholm built by locally harvest wood. The office space for outdoor company group Fenix Outdoor including brands like Fjällräven, Primus and Tierra transforms from office to showroom to lecture hall by flipping a central wall and by transforming custom made shelves. The office is the getaway base camp for the companies where they can be close to nature while inventing new products for the outdoors. The office is therefore adapted for activities in the nearby forest. Fallen trees from the very same forest is also the building material for the new office interior.

Then main space is a multi-use room designed to be both Office, Showroom and a lecture space. To enable this a central wall is designed to rotate and move depending on need. When being an office the wall is flipped to a giant central table to work on. When having lectures the wall is turned and lifted to the ceiling and when being a showroom the wall is flipped to a central display wall in the middle of the room. The table is covered with locally fallen elm trees harvest due to an ongoing elm-tree disease. The table is attached to a gear wheel that makes it turn which sits on a guide rail to make the table move vertically. To make the flips and turns easy the table has an inner structure of carbon fiber to make it light plus is balanced with counterweights alongside the guide rail.

The shelves along both walls are also transformable to support the different needs of the room. When being in office mode the furniture serves as shelves and desks. When being in showroom mode the shelves are transformed into cloth hangers. The shelves are constructed so the shelves are resting on round rods that can be moved to different positions making it a flexible multiuse furniture. The Shelve system is also made from local harvest elm trees.

The camp is based in Norra Djurgården Nationalstadspark a National city park in the middle of Stockholm. The park who is owned and maintained by Kungliga Djugråds Förvaltningen (The Royal Court) has a great variety of big old trees. Through a great collaboration we been able to build a major part of the offices from locally fallen wood. All fixed furniture’s like the tables, shelves and saw horses are made from locally fallen elm trees. The exterior deck that is protected by a roof is also elm tree whereas the more exposed wood decks are made from local pine trees. Apart from finding building material on site some parts of the interior also comes from the companies own storage like the draperies made from Fjällrävens G1000 fabric normally used in jackets.

Being in a park you want to be able to use it. The space is therefore programmed to allow outdoor excursions and training. Apart from toilets the entrance area have three separate shower rooms, a washing machine and a drying cabinet for handling the consequences of a thought expedition in nature.

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Status: Built
Location: Stockholm, SE
Firm Role: Architects