Shenzhen, CN


Yinchuan Jianfa Group Headquarters, Metropolis

Yinchuan Jianfa Group, a leading real estate development company in Ningxia hired Shenzhen SUNSON Design to shape and design its headquarters. As a trailblazer of urban evolution, Jianfa Group has participated and led the great changes in Yinchuan for the past 25 years. Located in Metropolis, a top class city complex built with global vision, Jianfa Group HQ occupies 7 floors. To embrace the nature of the real estate industry and suit the client needs, SUNSON Design achieved a minimalist, lively and modern office space that showcases strong sense of contemporaneity and technology.

A floor plan that promotes productivity and collaboration

Design can shape and guide people's behavior, as well as resonate a sense of belonging and harmony.  In the plan layout stage, SUNSON Design adopts a open design to facilitate collaboration and communication. Well lit and ventilated areas are prioritized as open workspace for employees; private offices, public lounge and conference spaces are then arranged accordingly. In this project, SUNSON Design Director Mr Pan Jun upholds his primary concept for office space design, “always give the best space to the majority.”

Glass walls and open furniture are used to create a sense of trust and transparency among hierarchies and different departments. The openness in this design encourages interaction among staff, therefore improve productivity. 

Emphasize overall B&W tone, pops of colors in furniture

A real estate developer is perceived as austere and orderly, therefore black-and-white is chosen as the tone of the space to express sublime simplicity, professionalization and rationality. A light tension and stress in the primarily monochromatic space reckons professional endeavors and responsibilities. The careful selection of office furniture consists a range of warm colors of orange and red, which compliments the space with positive, bright and warm vibes.  

Human-centered, environmental-friendly and denoised

Environmental friendliness is a primary design principle at SUNSON Design. Various natural and reusable materials such as aluminum, wood, ceramic tile, etc. are used for hard and soft furnishings in this project. SUNSON Design Director Mr Pan Jun believes that it is not necessary to use luxurious materials in office space design. Appropriate use of green materials can reduce waste and pollution, which helps provide a healthy environment to employees who work in office for more than 8 hours daily.

The use of sound-absorbing material is another highlight of the design. The perforated sound-absorbing cellular aluminum panelled ceiling above workspace, anodised aluminum paneled walls and ceilings in elevator bank and hallway, along with carpeted floors all contribute to noise reduction and better productivity.

Lighting design of the space is also remarkable. The consistent linear illumination and concise integral space complement each other. In consideration of the impact of ambiance on employee performance, the luminous intensity in the workspace is set above 500LUX to stimulate creativity and positivity in bright and open environment. 

As SUNSON Design Director Mr Pan Jun summarized, one of the significant benchmarks of success in office space design is the feeling of coziness, well-being and creativity received by staff. The visual design of headquarters is expected to bring positive impact on the Jianfa Group’s brand image. Several months after the project was completed and put into use, SUNSON received great feedback and recognition from Jianfa Groupe and its employees.

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Status: Built
Location: Yinchuan Shi, CN
Firm Role: principle designers
Additional Credits: Project name: Headquarters of Yinchuan Jianfa Group, Metropolis
Principle designer:Pan Jun
Project location: Yinchuan city, Ningxia Province, China
Project size: 9446m²
Main materials: anodised aluminum panels, punching cellular aluminum panels, wood veneer, refractory slab, carpet
Completion time: July, 2017
Design company: Shenzhen SUNSON Design Co,. Ltd