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UN17 Village


Over the coming years Copenhagen will get what might be the most sustainable building project in the world. At the last building plot of the new urban district Ørestad, the project UN17 Village will rise. UN17 Village will be the first project ever to implement tangible solutions for all of UN's 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs) in one project - a project with a unique approach to construction, that will set new standards for sustainable building design.

UN17 Village will have a unique approach to sustainability, that has not earlier been seen. As a new thing UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals have been used as a profound design tool.

In their work, the team behind the project has defined six focus areas which together will meet and implement all the SDGs. With focus on health, social communities, water, biodiversity, building materials and energy supply the project will have a new and ambitious approach to construction and design within all aspects of sustainability. This will be a state of the art project to complete the Ørestad district in Copenhagen.

In example UN17 Village will be constructed in recycled building materials with a minimum of degasification, and when the project is completed, it will meet some of the highest demands to physical and mental health. Furthermore, UN17 Village will use 100 % renewable energy sources – in example with 400 m2 of solar cells on the roofs - and be able to collect 1.5 million litres of rainwater per year for recycling and recreational use.

Re-interprets the close communities of the village 

UN17 Village comprises five buildings that measures a total of 35.000 m2 and will house more than 800 people, when the project is completed. UN17 Village is designed with a variety of housing types, which together provide the basis for a diverse and strong neighbourhood, where people regardless of family structure and age can live.

With its various housing types, UN17 Village will accommodate residents across generations and changing family patterns – the settlement can be compared to a classic village, where the entire area is designed with focus on security, the close environment and with many facilities and places, where the residents can meet across the neighbourhood.

The project comprises family housings, community housings, flexible housings, minimal housings and senior communities, that will each address different user groups. At the same time 3.000 m2 of UN17 Village are designed as common functions, that will work as gathering places for the residents. The common functions will also invite the rest of Ørestad into the neighbourhood and thus create an accessible and vibrant district.

The completion of Ørestad 

UN17 Village will be characterized by its very special location in the transition between the urban environment of Ørestad and the vast nature of Amager Fælled. Therefore, UN17 Village is designed so the transition between nature, the city and the settlement is well-functioning by working with wind conditions, sun and view to the delight of the residents.

In addition, UN17 Village will further develop the area's unique landscape qualities by focusing on recreational use of water, planting, biodiversity and wildlife. Thus, the housing will be integrated naturally in its surroundings.

UN17 Village will be the last building in Ørestad, and the project will complete the latest 25 years of development of the Copenhagen district. The right to build on the prestigious building plot is just won by a team consisting of  Danish NREP, Årstiderne Arkitekter, Lendager Group, Moe Rådgivende Ingeniører and Arup Engineers. 


Anne Aksglæde Stahl
Head of Marketing and Communications, Årstiderne Arkitekter 
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For details on specific SDG-solutions, please contact:
Esben Pedersen
Head of Communications, Lendager Group
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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Copenhagen, DK
Firm Role: Architect
Additional Credits: NREP, Lendager Group, Moe Rådgivende Ingeniører and Arup Engineers