Daechi Ssangyong 2 Reconstruction

With its vibrant shopping centers and cutting-edge skyscrapers, Gang-nam is one of Seoul’s most exciting districts to experience Korea’s breathtaking architecture and energetic lifestyle. Located in Gangnam’s affluent Daechi-dong neighborhood, the Daechi Sssanyong 2nd Apartments embody both Korea’s traditional past and visionary future through its harmonized design.

The site is near Hakyeoul Station, a nod to the historic “Hakyeoul” area, where the Tanchon and Yanjae streams meet. Hakyeoul in Korean translates to “a crane’s stream”. The architectural concept is appropriately named “Crane’s Landing”, where the gestures of moving wings and flowing streams are captured by the buildings’ signature profiles. The seamless visual blend between the ground and the buildings symbolize the Yanjae stream, eventually leading to the iconic rooftop designs that mimic a crane in flight. The site layout continues this flow by anchoring a central open space that links the park, Yangjae Stream and the city, with its expansive and pleasant characteristics designed to revitalize the community of residents.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Seoul, KR
Firm Role: Design Architect
Additional Credits: Client: Daewoo E&C
Local Design partner: Junglim Architecture