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1520 Smallman Street

Constructed of steel and glass and designed to create a contextual response to its site, 1520 Smallman is a new mixed-use and commercial office building located at the gateway between Pittsburgh’s vibrant Strip District and Downtown– a nexus for business, technology, innovation, culture and community.

As the first high-rise near Downtown in many years, the project is a major effort in bringing life to Pittsburgh’s neglected urban core, which has suffered from suburban sprawl over the past decades as a Rust Belt city. 1520 Smallman shall be amongst the first new buildings to address the post-Covid era in the region, incorporating double-height exterior balconies at each office level, automated touch-free systems throughout (from the elevators to bathrooms), superior air quality, and plentiful bicycling facilities including bike cafe amenities.

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Status: Under Construction
Location: Pittsburgh, PA, US