Studio Zhu-Pei

Studio Zhu-Pei

Beijing, CN


Yi Garden I, 12th Venice Biennale

Venice Biennale Chinese pavilion is intended to transform Chinese garden experience into contemporary public gathering space.

It is inspired by Chinese Tang dynasty poetry “ Wind”. More than 1,300 translucent glass bars with different high form a formless scene of bamboo forest. When one walking through inside installation, people will experience the spaces not only visually but also physically. By pushing and touching the glass bars, whole installation is given a sense of “Heave rivers in waves,Bow thousands bamboos”.

It is in this sense that the installation is “mind landscapes”, describing not only the sense of real landscape but also, through the experience, the minds of the architect involved in his realization.

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Status: Built
Location: Venice, IT
Additional Credits: Architect: Studio Zhu-Pei

Design Principal: Zhu Pei
Project Team: He Fan, Liu Wentian, Ke Jun, Heon Ju Seo, Geoffrey Hughes

Artist Consultants: Fan Di’an, Wang Mingxian, Zhu Xiaodi
Lighting Artistic Consultant: Xiao Lihe
Structural Consultant: Rory McGowan (Arup)
Construction Consultant: Zheng Jianwei