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The Rossmore

The Rossmore is a full-service high-end apartment building that reimagines the intersectionality between contemporary design and art deco charm. Inspired by today's material science, sculptural design, and art scene, the building envelope was developed to follow the guiding principles of Art Deco. The Rossmore is set to utilize high-performance concrete cladding panels with sculptural elements for the facades, while being one of the first massive timber mid-high-rise apartment buildings in Los Angeles, answering the need for sustainable design and construction.

Research for the Rossmore project borrowed from the cultural history of its location, known for Hollywood Royalty, as well as the economic history that gives rise to the Art Deco movement - prevalent in the neighborhood. This meant utilizing construction methods that are cost-effective while providing elegant and luxurious details in design. Balancing an intricate interplay of form and function. At its core, the Rossmore is a conventional building with elaborate curved facade ornamentation.

The most challenging aspect of this project was maintaining the historical connection to the surrounding area. Given that the neighborhood was built in an era of Art deco construction materials, the intention to maintain aspects of conventional design was paramount. The process involved paying homage to a neighborhood known for its bygone Hollywood charm; while simultaneously creating a landmark building environment that is visually stunning and sets precedence for a new age of cinematic luxury.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Los Angeles, CA, US
Firm Role: Architecture, Interior Design, Development Research

Project Type: Multifamily, Apartment Building
Location: Los Angeles, Hancock Park, California, USA
Building Area: 102,000 Square Feet
Number of Units: 68
Number of Levels: 12 + Roof Deck
Proposed Construction Type: CLT, Type 1
Year: 2019-2020