West Workshop

West Workshop

Washington, DC


Harris Residence

When a Falls Church couple decided to renovate their condo instead of moving, they challenged us to reconfigure their space to accommodate 2 small children. Our complete renovation added a full bathroom, updated the kitchen and reimagined the layout to maximize utility.  We transformed the walls into custom cabinets and wardrobes, including space under the cabinets in the second bedroom to accommodate a wheeled children’s beds during the day so the room could be used for play and homework. The owner’s  bedroom features a bed platform to increase storage and create a visual and transitional experience.

Throughout the condo, instead of blank drywall, there is something happening on every vertical surface. The reimagined walls are both sculptural and useful, with space saving elements, both hidden and overt.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Falls Church, VA, US
Firm Role: Principal