Küchel Architects

Küchel Architects

Saint Moritz, CH


Villa 0434

On the hillside behind the piazza of Ascona, overlooking Lake Maggiore, this contemporary villa is residing. The two-storey window front, which flows into a terrace landscape, represents the flowing transition between interior and exterior spaces. Thus the Mediterranean Ticino climate can be enjoyed and lived to the maximum. Despite its cubic structure, the building looks elegant and light. A filigree bronze steel construction is complemented by finely structured dry stone walls. They also embody the base of the building. The steel structure, which seems to float above the upper floor, expands the roof and thus forms the possibility to mount sun sails over the terraces. On the back side towards the street stone lamellas bring light into the interior without exposing the inhabitants to the street. For the interior of the villa, all fixtures were designed and made specially for this house and from the highest quality materials. They reflect the exclusive modern design of the building and together with the big open spaces they create a unique atmosphere.

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Status: Built
Location: Ascona, CH
Firm Role: Architect and Designer
Additional Credits: Küchel Architects