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Alief Center for Advanced Careers

The Alief Center for Advanced Careers provides students with the means necessary to further their academic and professional careers. The Center modeled the academic programs, courses and classrooms after professions and trades that offer students real world experience. The Center offers courses in architectural design, automotive technology, construction technology, culinary arts, digital design, health science, industrial robotics, IT, veterinary science and welding.

Classrooms and labs mirror real work environments, giving students the ability to form career expectations in high school. Students that pass classes their classes at the Center acquire certifications and licenses needed in their professions.

The details of the Center make it a revolutionary learning space. For example, the electrochromic glass in the upper windows facing the east, west and the entrance is connected to a weather monitoring device. It is able to tint or lighten based on the weather, time of day, and the overall position of the sun. Glass walls create transparency for students to see into other classes.

A highlight of the Center is the Interactive Observation Lab (IOL), also known as the Asymmetric Cone This is primarily a surgical amphitheater where students sit in the balcony and observe medical procedures taking place in the center of the cone. Moveable glass partitions make it easy to accommodate automotive and welding classes so teachers can wheel in large pieces of equipment while students watch from above. The IOL can be used for instructional purpose by any of the 10 different program fields that the Center offers.

The Center gives Alief ISD students an innovative, purposefully designed space, which cultivates and trains their passions towards a successful career path.

"The design of the Alief Center for Advanced Careers just naturally inspires those who enter. On the first day of school, when the students entered the building, they were astonished. From the architecture to the graphics to the furnishings, their eyes were wide and smiles were big. These same students now give tours to 6th and 7th graders in order to show them the program options that are available to them in the future. Watching these students talk about the Center and all it has to offer is gratifying because it is evident that they are truly proud to be a student in this amazing building."

- Jennifer Baker, Director of Career & Technical Education, Alief ISD

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Status: Built
Location: Houston, TX, US