De Matos Ryan

De Matos Ryan

London, GB



Conceived as part of the landscape rather than a distinct building, the spa is part of a sunken courtyard that is defined by three garden walls. The enclosed space creates no distraction from the historic views and is only revealed to guests as they approach it, as if by a fortunate stroke of serendipity. A lavender planted roof further consolidates the feeling of the spa as part of the landscape, hovering over the courtyard, it adds to the sensory experience. The spa pools are collected against the garden walls creating spaces for contemplation in the surrounding Grade II* listed gardens.

The indoor pool is lined in slate, combined with the frameless glazed it creates the experience of swimming in a lake, looking out across the natural setting.

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Status: Built
Location: Gloucestershire
Additional Credits: Location: Gloucestershire
Status: Complete
Year Completed: 2002
Photography: Morley von Sternberg, David Grandorge
Awards: SPATA Awards 2003, Winner
GQ Travel Awards 2003, Highly Commended
FX International Design Awards 2002, Winner