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Brooklyn, NY


Catskills Cabin - New Modern Rustic

Catskills Cabin -

A nod to country minimalism - new modern rustic. Situated in a wooded area on a 10 acre lot in Ulster County, NY, the Catskill Cabin is the ideal get-away vacation dwelling. The cabin was imagined as an outdoor living room, nestled within nature. The final cabin size was informed by questions of just how much space is adequate to live simply or simply live.

Prefabricated offsite, the cabin is assembled leveraging  prefab panels for the floor, walls and standard framing for the roof system which supports a standing seam metal roof. A paneled exterior enclosure, composed of cedar wood treated with tar oil to give it the black finish. Double insulated glass window panes and large sliding glass doors on both sides of the house open the entire cabin to the outdoors. A sliding dining/bar docks into place to create an outdoor patio for entertaining. Interior finishes include volcanic stone floor tiles and a mix of dark and white oak wood.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Kingston, NY, US
Firm Role: Designers / Architects
Additional Credits: Catskills Cabin was designed by et al. collaborative
Design Team: NY studio : Manu Garza, Waisuddin Azizi, Minh Nguyen, Claire Mitchell