Los Angeles, CA


eCORRE COMPLEX - Environment Center in Long Beach, CA

Downtown Los Angeles based design group APHIDoIDEA proposes the eCORRE COMPLEX, The Environmental Center of Regenerative Research & Education, to the City of  Long Beach in California.  The project takes the ISO container used by the Port of Long Beach (2nd busiest port in the World).  Designed and placed as a FINALIST entry for the AIA-LA / USGBC Emerging Talent Design Competition, APHIDoIDEA re-adapts the shipping container as core building elements and implemented sustainable strategies to educate its visitors and users about "green" building practices such as solar energy, water collections, interior daylighting, rooftop gardens, passive cooling techniques, reuse of grey water, to name a few.

Utilizing approximately 65 shipping containers, the contextual response forces the architecture to provide an open public plaza on the ground level with an exhibition hall and outdoor amphitheater.  The facility also houses learning classrooms as well as the offices to support the staff in teaching the community about the valuable strategies of sustainable green living.

APHIDoIDEA is currently working on several projects and installations within the realm of interactivity including a viral storefront installation for the City of Long Beach, courtyard lighting installation for Santee Village Lofts in Downtown LA and an Exhibition at Inner-City Arts.  APHIDoIDEA also recently received a partnered commission to create an exhibition space for a science center in the Mid-west.  

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Long Beach, CA, US