paul kaloustian architect

paul kaloustian architect

Beirut, LB


G building

 Project: GEMAYZE residential building
Location: Gemayze – BEIRUT
Built-up Area: 9700 m2
Design: 2004
The apartment building is located in the dense district of Gemayze in Beirut. The street enjoys an alignment of old buildings from one side and a big garden and church on the other. The designed building continues the street alignment while developing an organic growth from the rear part with a garden and a smaller structure. The new building is integrated into the urban environment but at the same time it opens up towards a more generous perception of the city.
The shape of the apartment building is the direct result of the building regulations in Beirut which allows having different sizes on each floor, thus a range of apartment areas from 250m2 to 500m2.
The transparency of the facades creates an openness towards the gardens while the sunblind that unifies the facade are creating in-between spaces (balconies) shaded and private. The stretched fabric skin is allowing muted transparency and a continuously changing appearance of the building.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Beirut, LB