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C3D Architecture PLLC

New York, NY


The Gotham Hotel

Located in the heart of Manhattan’s midtown between Fifth Avenue and Madison Avenue on a 25x100 ft lot, the space was first envisioned as a residential condo though was ultimately appointed as a hotel. The 20 story hotel occupies 34,000 sq. ft and sits at a height of 250 ft. The 67 room hotel houses 4 rooms per floor on the lower floors while the highest floors have a floor plan of either 2 or 3 rooms. The building’s façade is divided into 2 distinct levels: the lower level façade aligns with the neighboring buildings paying respect to the adjacent city street scape, while the upper level façade with a balcony on each floor appears to soar freely in the sky almost as its own distinctly separate building.The 16 E. 46th Street address formerly housed the famed “Gotham Bookstore.” In honor of its literary heritage, the Gotham Hotel borrowed its name.

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Status: Built
Location: 16 East 46 Street New York, NY
Firm Role: Design/Project Architect