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TRA studio Architecture

New York, NY


Foscarini Spazio SoHo

Foscarini inaugurates its Spazio Soho in New York in the heart of one of the most symbolic cities of contemporary design. The space has the same spirit as the Foscarini Spazio Brera which was recently inaugurated in Milan.

Spazio Soho, will not merely be a showroom, but rather a space where stories can be told, emotions conveyed and creativity stimulated. The place can enter into dialogue with the city and become a point of reference for a wider audience of design enthusiasts. Site-specific installations are taking place periodically; scenes created to tell the values of Foscarini, interpreted from time to time by artists and designers.

Foscarini, working with their long-time collaborator, Studio Laviani, selected TRA Studio to join the project at the start of Schematic Design. TRA played an active role throughout the project’s life, developing the envelope’s desgin, overseeing the approval process and making certain the design was successfully realized in New York City.

The Spazio Soho, located in a classic cast-iron building, required extensive renovations as well as a complete upgrade from the current infrastructure systems. The renovation respects the history of the building and the neighborhood and at the same time expresses Foscarini’s flexible attitude.

The space has been returned to its original “heroic” grand scale, typical of the 70’s artists’ lofts: a low mezzanine that cut the height in two was removed and a new storefront has been introduced, to allow for an independent entrance and a full-height display window. The discreet street presence, respondent to the Landmark Commission requirements, also situates the Showroom as a contributing member of the Community.

A transparent, minimally detailed, 15’ high glass screen, helps to separate the support and private workspaces from the floor of the showroom.

The ceiling is curiously devoided of lights, since the lighting is provided on a temporary basis by the displayed fixtures; it simply conceals the mechanical systems and the extensive supports for the varied site-specific installations.

The resulting space is more of an "Art House" than a showroom, a flexible container for display, art, events, work and workshops. The space can be transformed to support the different interpretations of the continuously evolving Foscarini story.

The space opens, on the occasion of the 2013 New York Design Week, with an installation by the Italian contemporary artist Stefano Arienti and an exhibition of Foscarini fixtures. The exhibits are housed in flexible display units designed by the Consulting Architect, Ferruccio Laviani.

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Status: Built
Location: New York, NY, US