Filippo Taidelli Architetto

Filippo Taidelli Architetto

Milan, IT


CELLS Healthcare of the Future

CELLS was born out of the experience that FTA has developed in the field of the design of social and healthcare facilities; this temporary installation aimed to synthesize the effects of the evolution of the world of healthcare and make them perceptible by immersing the visitor in a sensory experience.
The installation consists of two glass structures or “cells” with antithetical formal characteristics, which establish a visual dialogue by placing themselves at opposite corners of the courtyard. They represent the two complementary spirits of the healthcare of the future: on one hand, the focus on transforming the hospital into a domestic space, on the other hand, the advent of the “virtual healthcare” and consequent “dehospitalization”.
The common denominator of each cell is the visitor’s barycentric position: in the healthcare of the future, the need to keep man at the center is fundamental.

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Status: Built
Location: Milan