Fredrick Zal

Fredrick Zal

Portland, OR, US



To summarize my decades of work experience in Creative Project Management, after working for architecture firms for a number of years, in 2000 I founded my own design studio to allow myself the flexibility to teach at Portland State University, consult with the City of Portland on a number of civic projects, compose my design theory and publish research.  I was then hired by a San Francisco historic preservation firm to lead their Portland branch.  As the economy wavered; I decided to go back to my roots, and create with my hands again; crafting custom furniture and construction projects.  Now, with the reviving economy, I desire to return to my passion of working with creative staff to help make the world a better place.


My greatest passion is helping people envision the ideas in their mind, refine them in the reality of budget, schedule, and other expectations, and then construct them as a team.  This has taken on many forms; with 20+ years of experience in management, community outreach, architecture, event production, and the arts + 12 years of experience in the retail and service industries. 


I have personally been responsible for a great range from modest $4,000 private projects to complex $6.2Million government projects; all of which I have treated with great respect and attention to detail, staff management, budget, and scheduling.


I have been working with staff, focused user groups, and contractors for decades to help them feel heard, appreciated, and educate each other to collaboratively create optimal visions.  Sometimes the gargantuan nature of complex variables, budget and time constraints can seem daunting; but I have been honing my ability to make the seemingly impossible not only possible, but enjoyable in the process.  Aligning this with a respect for staff's full life balance, has allowed my teams to do amazing work consistently and repeatedly.


Atelier Z, Portland, OR, US, Architect

Architect, Carpenter, Industrial Designer

Jan 2012 - current

ARG inc, San Francisco, CA, US, Project Architect

Architect, Historic Preservation, Project Management, Staff Management, Contracting, Specifications, Client Relations, Marketing

Aug 2008 - Dec 2011

Atelier Z, Portland, OR, US, Principal Architect

Architect, Project Management, Staff Management, Contracting, Specifications, Client Relations, Marketing

Jun 2000 - Jul 2008

Portland State University, Portland, OR, US, Adjunct Associate Professor

Teaching, Staff Management, Marketing, Curriculum Development

Sep 2000 - Dec 2004


University of Oregon, Eugene, OR, US, MArch, Architect

Architecture, Structural Engineering, Computer Science

Aug 1994 - Jun 1997

Waseda University, Tokyo, JP, Architect

Architecture, Japanese

Jun 1992 - Aug 1992

University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, US, Bachelors, Architect


Sep 1990 - Jun 1992

Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), Providence, RI, US, Industrial Design

Sculpture + Industrial Design

Jun 1990 - Aug 1990

Lafayette College, Easton, PA, US, Bio-Physics

Prosthetics, Bio-Physics, and Psychology of Design

Sep 1989 - Jun 1990