Fei Chen

Fei Chen

Philadelphia, PA, US


Drifted Grid - Relaxing Center and Library

Based on the research of Mies’s National Gallery of Berlin and
the BMW car project by Olafur Eliasson, this project employs
the grid system in multiple layers of membranes in orders to
negotiate and create micro-climates and use environmental
factors as agents to generate connections and separations of
The building consists of three layers, each of them has an
undulating form that is developed by the principle of catenary
system. Water floods into the bottom bath level on a daily
basis, the different flooding area on low tide and high tide
generates a shifting and ambiguous boundary that delineates
the interior and exterior. The grid of the mid membrane
applies a gradient of distance towards the outside therefore
results a change in magnitude of undulation. The membrane
reads from flat floor plate to structural support, where it meets
the bottom layer becomes enclosed room and where it joins
the top layer a skylight is cut out. The roof is designed as
translucent membranes pillows to better conserve the heat in
the interior and to make the second floor a light filled space.
Thin columns are employed to differentiate the spatial quality
from the bath level.

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Status: School Project
Location: Iceland
My Role: 2d drawings, renderings, diagrams
Additional Credits: team work with Qiyao Li