Francisco Alonso

Francisco Alonso

Miami, FL, US



Living in Miami, I am inspired by the diversity, which led me to study abroad throughout Europe and Japan. Urban-ism, I noticed, became an issue of subtle insertions in a restructured condition, emphasizing current cultural agendas. The cities were organized by their culture, people, and boundaries. People live where their culture can be magnified and expressed, which was significantly evident in cities with various layers of urban-ism. An exchange within those layers results in a constant dialogue between person to person, and eventually develops to the scale of cities and countries. It is the constant exchange of personal ideas that influences the development of architecture on a multitude of scales. Architecture provides a way to configure these cultural conditions among the urban fabric. With every design comes the opportunity to change how people live, work, eat, play, etc. Design offers me the opportunity to change, innovate, and inspire cities, working with architecture on a personal level.


Moniomi Design, Miami, FL, US, Designer

Jan 2018 - current

Luminaire LLC, Miami, FL, US, Interior Architect

As the Interior Architect of Luminaire Lab, I am responsible for curating environments that affect people’s lives and redefining the idea of a furniture showroom.

Oct 2014 - Dec 2017

MSA Architects, Inc., Miami, FL, US, Design Staff

- Designed and rendered mixed-use/residential architecture
- Draft and prepare design documents for zoning submittals
- Sketching, Redline, AutoCAD, Photoshop, InDesign, Consultant and Client Relations

Aug 2013 - Mar 2014

Starbucks Coffee Company, Miami, FL, US, Barista

Creating an uplifting experience through customer relations on a one-on-one level and increase the sales of various Starbucks products - one drink and one customer at a time.

May 2010 - Aug 2013


Florida International University, Miami, FL, US, MArch, Architecture

Accelerated Master of Architecture program
Alpha Rho Chi, AIAS
Study Abroad programs: Genoa, Italy - Fall 2012, Tokyo, Japan - Summer 2013

Aug 2009 - Apr 2014

Areas of Specialization