fatemeh Chwalkowski

fatemeh Chwalkowski

New York, NYC, US



As an architect, urban designer and artist with over ten years experience in teaching and practicing architecture, planning, urban design and studio art


Fazarts.Inc, New York, NY, US, Manager

Dec 2013 - current

Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, RI, US, teaching

• RISD (Rhode Island School of Design) Fall 2012-present
-Islamic art and architecture
-History of art and architecture in India
-History of Art & Visual Culture
-Methodologies of History of Art and Visual Culture
-Symbolism in Art & Design

Sep 2012 - current

EMTG Consultants Inc, NYC, USA, New York, NY, US, Project Management

Contract: project manager

Nov 2012 - May 2013

Harvard University, Cambridge, Research Assistant

• Harvard University - GSD, Cambridge, MA Nov 2011-June 2012
Project: Gulf Encyclopedia Sustainable Urbanism
• Harvard University - SWG, Cambridge, MA Spring 2011
Project: Research in history of Women’s Words in Qajar, Iran

Nov 2011 - Jun 2012

Naghshan Consultant Engineers, Mashhad, Iran, Mashhad, IR, Supervisor of Urban Design Department

Strategic Plan of Bojnord Rivers, Bojnord, Iran 2008-2009
Client: Housing and Urban Development Organization, Northern Khorasan Province

Strategic Plan of Rivers in Mashhad, Mashhad, Iran 2008-2010
Client: The Municipal of Mashhad

Strategic Pan of Towns and Villages in Khorasan Razavi Province, Iran 2002-2009
Planning for more than 20 towns and villages in Khorasn Razavi Province
Client: Islamic Housing and Urban Planning Office

Strategic Plan of Shirazi Street, Mashhad, Iran 2005-2006
Client: The Municipal of Mashhad

Armes 1200 Unites Residential Complex, Ghasem Abad, Mashhad, Iran 2001-2006
Client: Asare Toos, Road Vill, Mashad Pey, Sazeh Shargh

Binalood Residential Complex, Nishaboor, Iran 2008-2009
Client: Housing Cooperative of Khorasan Mine Industry

Majd Mixed Use Complex, Mashhad, Iran 2007-2008

May 2000 - Nov 2010

Islamic Azad University of Mashhad, Iran, Mashhad IR, Teaching

• IAU, Islamic Azad University of Mashhad, Iran 2008-2010
Urban Design Studio (undergraduate)
History & Theory of Urban Planning (undergraduate)
Principles & Methods of regional planning (undergraduate)
Architectural Theory (undergraduate)
History of art and architecture (undergraduate)

Sep 2008 - Jun 2010

University Technology Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, MY, teaching

• UTM, University Technology Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 2007-2008
Architecture Studio Project 2 (undergraduate)
Planning Studio Design Project 3 (undergraduate)

Aug 2007 - Jul 2008

Islamic Housing and Urban Planning Office, Mashhad, Iran, Mashhad, IR, Consultant

Preparation and approval of plans concerning towns & villages around
Mashhad and Khorasn-Razavi Province , More than 20 town master plans,

Mar 2002 - Nov 2005

Mashhad Municipality, Mashhad, Iran, Mashhad, IR, Director of Urban Development Department,

Director of Urban Development Department,
Supervision of the preparation and approval of suburb master plans
Prepared Master plan of neighborhood surrounding the Holy Shrine

Feb 1999 - Aug 2004


Urban design, PhD, urban planning

• Scholar Fellow 2011-Present
Harvard University, Cambridge, MA
GSD: Graduate School of Design
FAS: Faculty of Art and Science
- Ancient religions and nature aspects into human build environment.
- Sustainability by nature language

• Doctor of Philosophy in Architecture 2006-2010
University Technology Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Thesis: Design in Urban Historical Context
Characterization of the physical elements of street design

• Master of Urban Design 2004-2006
University Technology Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Dissertation: The cultural influence in the urban environment
Master Project: Designing sustainable university campus

• Bachelor of Geography, Urban Planning 1995-1999
Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, Mashhad, Iran

Jan 1995 - Jan 2010

Areas of Specialization