Farah Aqrabawi

Farah Aqrabawi

Ottawa, ON, CA


Slum Re-development Project : Affordable Low-Income Housing

Aside from the condensed site documentation of slum settlement such as Aziziyah District 11 in Jeddah, this project really studies how can the marginalized slum settlements in Jeddah  be integrated back into the rest of the community. How can the living conditions of the residents of Al Aziziyah District 11 in Jeddah be enhanced by productive daily tasks ? Hence, using a daily-life activity such as bread-drying industry in Aziziyah District 11 can enhance the economical opportunities of the district, form a healthier community, and enhance the identities of the youth to be more aspiring.

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Status: School Project
Location: Jedda, SA
My Role: Concept development, Schematic diagrams, Section Renderings, and model-making
Additional Credits: Team of two.
Grateful for a highly-spirited teammate as Aseel.