Fahad Ali

Fahad Ali

Lahore, PK



Self-Claimed Scientist. Engineer by chance and blogger by Interest. 

You think of me, you are half off the track -- Have single interaction and your complete life is spoiled. 

If you really want to make your life challenging and worse then I am the best person you can have as your enemy, and I really mean it.

Love Google, Twitter, Peanut Butter, Biryani, Parathas, Swimming, Reading Books, cutting weird Jokes, being at home and wasting time...

I hereby certify that "I don't know anything about Hacking and also I don't know anything about development and spreading techniques of viruses and malware".

I help people in getting rid of Psychotic Disorders.

Joke aside, I am independently working on some futuristic projects that are going to change the world soon.

I own 3 Geostationary and 2 standard sattelites.