Erika Yeap

Erika Yeap

New York, NY, US


Market Place in Birmingham, AL

Design Brief: In my research I wanted to create a place people could go to get produce and have retail opportunities they might not have in their city. For example, I chose a site in Birmingham, AL. I wanted to create a place that could occupy downtown Birmingham. Through doing this I could bring more people together to liven up downtown Birmingham like it once was. Also I would give the city an opportunity to see, buy, and learn things they might have never seen before. This market place consists of retail, produce, and a restaurant. In order to occupy this space a retail owner would buy per sq ft of space. The spaces move accordingly to the buyers needs. This includes smart walls that pull in and out creating differ- ent situations for every stores needs. The retail section consists of more pop- up stores than permenant spaces. I wanted to bring in large stores like UNIQLO that could create a pop- up to test out the market in Birmingham. The produce section consists of a series of stands each with their own produce. These consist of vegetables, fruits, seafood, bread, cheese, and meat. In the produce section upon entering a person can pick out recipies to follow by going through the market, picking out the ingredients, and then proceeding to have it made in the restaurant. The restaurant consists of regular menu food as well as recipies picked out by pa- trons. I want this space to create a comfortable place Birmingham can go to learn, hangout, see events, and buy things not in the surrounding area. Conceptually I’d like to place markets like this in a series of different small cities.

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Status: School Project
Location: Birmingham, AL, US
My Role: Designer