Erik Rico

Erik Rico

Mexico, MX



Cd Mex. 1983. Architect by the ESIA in Mexico City. Erik studied his Degree in the College of Engineering and Architecture and postgraduate studies at Universidad Iberoamericana. He has worked with several architectural firms, especially in the construction of Physical Scale Models as design process in architecture and furniture design. He has also done models in collaboration with Mexican jewelry designers as TANE and Daniel Espinosa Jewelry. He has participated in museums and exhibitions in Mexico, and others in NY, Madrid, Paris and Milán. He worked with Enrique Norten at TEN Arquitectos for 5 years until 2013. He worked at BUNKER Architecture for 1 year until 2014 And Arroyo Solis Agraz Arquitectos until 2018 . Founder & Principal in iA Jewelry&Co. Currently works at Javier Sánchez Arquitectos/Jsa and as a plastic artist in galleries.


Javier Sánchez Arquitectos Jsa, Mexico, MX, Coordination Models

Physical Models Co. & Exhibitions

Mar 2019 - current

iA Jewelry&Co., Founder & Principal

Aug 2014 - current

Arroyo Solís Agraz Arquitectos, Mexico, MX, Architecture / Coordination Models & Exhibitions

Physical Models Co. & Exhibitions

Aug 2014 - Mar 2019

BUNKER Arquitectura, México, MX, Senior Architect / Coordination Models

Physical Models Co. & Exhibitions

Jul 2013 - Jul 2014

TEN arquitectos, México, MX, Senior Architect / Coordination Models

Project Development 2008-2009/ Competitions / Physical Models MX+NY & Exhibitions 2009-2013

Jun 2008 - Jun 2013

Daniel Espinosa Jewelry, México, MX, Design Collaborator

Jan 2013 - Apr 2013

AFRO SAS CO, Mexico, MX, Store,Furniture, Image & Design + Marketing

Afro Sas Co. Mexico

Feb 2012 - May 2012

I+MA Miguel Ríos / Coordination Models, México, MX, Physical Models

Central de Arquitectura
CC Arquitectos
Lab 07

Apr 2009 - Apr 2011

Radio Arquitectura, Mexico, MX, Announcer Collaborator

News in Architecture & broadcaster with Benjamin Molina FreeArq / ENADDI

Apr 2008 - May 2008

Acondaire Air Conditioning & Engineering, Mexico, MX, Junior Engineer

Project Development:

Artígas Arquitectos
Pascal Arquitectos
Nuño Mcgregor y del Buen Arquitectos
Montaño Arquitectos y Consultores (MAC)
Liverpool, Grupo Empresarial Angeles, Dreams Hotels

May 2007 - May 2008


Escuela Superior de Ingeniería y Arquitectura ESIA Tec, MX, BArch, Engineering & Architecture

Jun 2003 - Jun 2008

Universidad Iberoamericana, México, MX, Degree in Sustainability

Jan 2008 - Mar 2008


Architecture Museum, Competition UIC, Honorable Mention


Planassze & Harp Helú Scholarship, Award

Urban Planning


Physical Models and Photography Exhibition, Scholarship

Arquitectura Mexicana


Community Service, Grant

Urban Planning, Project Development and Construction in Rural Communities in Campeche, Oaxaca, Durango and Puebla.


Hospital Project & Design, Honorable Mention



Chrysler Leading Scholarship, Award



PIFI Conacyt Scholarship, Award


Areas of Specialization